Over the years there are many Italian and international organizations with whom we have shared - and still share - this path made of care and compassion. 

Below we list some of them, but our most sincere gratitude goes to everyone, associations, professionals, ordinary people ... FRIENDS 


Lega Italiana Antivivisezione

Association for the affirmation of animal rights against all forms of animal exploitation.

Lega Italiana per i Diritti degli Animali

Association that fights for the legal recognition of animal rights.

Società Italiana di Etologia

S.I.E. promotes scientific research on animal behavior, disseminating the results and facilitating contacts between Italian and foreign researchers.


Teaming is an online tool to raise funds for social causes through micro donations of € 1 per month.

The Pollination Project

US association that donates microfunds to projects and associations all over the world. We are very grateful for the help they have given us and the support they keep showing us.

Vivere Vegan

The Association's purpose is to spread veganism and its ethical, scientific and cultural principles.

Wild Umbria

The main purpose of WildUmbria is to create synergies with public, private, citizen and other associations, by channeling the experience of the founders into the project, and to become a point of reference in Umbria for environmental and wildlife management.