The Center

Semia has been operating since 2015 as an association for the care and rehabilitation of wildlife in the municipality of Montespertoli (Florence), in collaboration with the USL Toscana Centro (provinces of Florence, Prato and Pistoia). The structure was born from the will and passion of Donatella Gelli, veterinarian, who manages it with tireless passion together with a team of volunteers. The animals that arrive in Semia need care and find the strength to get up and go on living. Some were found injured or battered, others had an accident. Everyone finds care, love, respect and a place to be free while waiting to return to nature.

A team of volunteers

A team of wonderful people who, with passion, dedication and a lot of love, give their energies every day to the center and its "guests". 

From breakfast in the morning to dinner in the evening, Semia's angels look after and care for, clean and maintain, promote and educate.

Donatella Gelli

Donatella Gelli, veterinarian and researcher at the University of Padua, is the driving force and soul of Semia.

With passion and tireless dedication, she has put her life at the service of animals in need. Every day, despite her commitments, despite her physical problems, she pushes herself beyond her limits so as not to let the creatures housed in the center lack love, care and hope. 

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