Semia represents a center of excellence for the care and rehabilitation of wildlife. A private structure strongly desired by Dr. Donatella Gelli who, with tireless passion and dedication, has put her life at the service of animals in difficulty.

The center operates in collaboration with the USL Toscana Centro (provinces of Florence, Prato and Pistoia).

Since 2015 a work path has started with the Municipality of Montespertoli (Florence) for the construction of new and capacious structures as the service that SEMIA offers, active 24 hours a day with a veterinarian, covers the assistance for the whole territory of the former Province from Florence.


Support our work and help save the lives of these extraordinary creatures

Dr. Gelli manages the center in a totally voluntary way, supported by her family and a team of volunteers.

The management, both economic and physical, of the center is not easy as the activity is supported by 50% personal co-financing and the rest in public resources and donations. But this has never stopped the passion and love of all "Semia" friends so far.

The animals are sent according to a protocol of understanding with the bodies in charge; they are treated and subsequently re-entrusted to the liberation bodies in places suitable for the species in question. Some animals are always entrusted for liberations to the Forest Carabineiri. Animals considered to be redundant in the area such as ungulates are no longer reintroduced but are entrusted and transferred according to a precise protocol in protected parks where they can live peacefully without impacting on the territory.


Only small birds are released directly within the territory of the association, on the instructions of the former Province of Florence which considered recapturing for the release of the birds stressful.

Long-term animals such as wild boars are all sterilized, both male and female, in order not to attract ubiquitous and redundant free animals to the area. For each species, structures have been built and are being built that are suitable not only to avoid their escape but also to guarantee the quality of life of the animals.

The sanctuary's goals are:

to answer to a requirement of central and northern Tuscany for the placement of wild animals to be rehabilitated.

to support and to promote the protection of the territory that surrounds us through education.

To offer training possibilities to students of scientific disciplines

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